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I am a full-time working mom; I live in St. Peters and work in O’Fallon Missouri. I met the wonderful Child Care Aware of Missouri team at a local Workforce conference to learn more about our future workforce and the challenges our society is facing when it comes to our workforce. A major challenge for our current and future workforce is affordable and quality child care. I was curious to find out what Child Care Aware of Missouri does and how they could help my community and potentially how they might help me with my own child care needs.  I was informed that i could be provided a list of all the registered childcare facilities near me, including in-home care. Not only can they provide a full list, which solves a major problem that I found in my own search, but they can also provide information that is not readily available to the public. Once I had narrowed down my top choices in child care, I sent that to my Child Care Concierge. In a short amount of time, I was provided detailed information about each facility, much of which I would not have thought to ask if I were doing my own research. I found the information to be extremely valuable when choosing the right care for my child. It was so easy to work with them, and I would highly recommend contacting them if you or someone you know is searching for childcare.

2023 Survey Results

100% of respondents agreed that the information received helped them make a more informed child care decision.

100% of respondents agreed that the Child Care Concierge Referral Service met their expectations.

100 % of respondents agreed that the reports were clear and easy to understand.

The referral service was easy to use and very helpful.

We would definitely use this service again!