Hearing feedback from those that have used our services is a great way to learn how Child Care Aware® of Missouri is making a difference and fulfilling our mission.

Here are some recent testimonials from a variety of programs and services we offer. Check back every few months to hear from others.

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I wanted to pursue the CDA credential to better my future career opportunities. I was very thankful for the opportunity and worked with many helpful people at Child Care Aware ® of Missouri. The biggest challenge I faced was finding time to put everything together while working and tending to my family. I found the training to be very useful in my classroom. For example, I found many strategies and activities to help children be better problem solvers.

I contacted child care aware because I was urgently in need of child care. I had absolutely no idea where to start, what to do, who to call. They immediately emailed me with all the information that I needed and also provided a custom-tailored list of providers to choose from. Child Care Aware® of Missouri helped me tremendously and removed all my anxiety about finding childcare.

Becoming a T.E.A.C.H. MISSOURI sponsor has been one of the best things I’ve done to improve the overall quality of the child care program. I allow the employee an avenue to pursue higher education and increase their knowledge about the early childhood field and learn how to provide developmentally appropriate care.

I have found many of the resources I have utilized to be most useful. I use many of the templates for administrative purposes and for the classrooms. For administrative purposes the forms, polices and templates have been very helpful because my knowledge base as it relates to HR is limited. I have adopted many of the policies and procedures as well.

It’s been so amazing using the skills I have learned through the EFFEC+ training. I feel I am a better teacher because of it. I have learned so much more than I thought I knew. I hope that the training continues so that others will be able to take away from the awesome guidance! My kids love Zoe and the books!

This is my second Live2Lead training.  Every time I have attended I have gotten many things out of it.  The new knowledge helps me shift my mindset and helps me become a better person and leader.