Child Development Scholarships in Missouri

Early childhood instructors are so important to our society. Missouri early childhood instructors cultivate ingenuity, knowledge, and sharing in the littlest pupils. Early childhood education programs equip prospective teachers with the skills to do that. Unfortunately, degree and diploma programs on early childhood education in Missouri aren’t cheap. The good news is there are many child development scholarship options available for people who are looking to get started in that field. If you’re considering entering the Missouri early childhood industry to become a preschool instructor or a childcare maven, here are pertinent child development scholarship opportunities to consider.

State-Sponsored Organizations

Missouri has dozens of government-approved and certified educational facilities that offer favorable and comfortable learning environments for preschool educators and childcare personnel. Learners can earn certificates as well as degrees, and many state-endorsed organizations offer financial support to students.

Missouri is among the 21 U.S. states enthusiastically partaking in Teacher Education and Compensation Helps (T.E.A.C.H.), which is a national organization created with the goal to deliver fairly compensated, expert, and polished early childhood educators. T.E.A.C.H. Missouri seeks to address two main concerns with Missouri early childhood education: High turnover rates and low wages for child care providers. It attempts to help solve these issues through increasing compensation and training for those providers, helping them achieve a higher level of job satisfaction and status. The project was launched precisely to help lift the excellence of training those undertaking child care curriculums get.

The scholarship is an agreement between T.E.A.C.H. Missouri, the Missouri early childhood learner, and the sponsor. This organization offers a few different kinds of child development scholarship opportunities. So, you can find the right program for you depending on the type of degree or program you’re pursuing.

Although the exact offerings will differ between the different programs, the T.E.A.C.H. Missouri will offer a bonus of $450 upon completion of most of them. That sounds pretty nice, right? The child development scholarship program’s goal is simply to support and advance early childhood education. The Missouri early childhood T.E.A.C.H. program also enhances retention rates for early childhood teachers.

The Federal Government

The United States Federal Government also has several financial aid programs designed to cater to the needs of students attending career schools and colleges. While every U.S. student is eligible for these programs, specific criteria are followed to choose suitable candidates for the loans. There are hundreds of government-approved loan and aid solutions provided by the Federal Government, which are easily accessible on the Federal Student Aid website.

The first type of financial support offered by the United States federal government is grants. There are a variety of grants offered by the government, including Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Pell Grants, and Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants. Grants don’t need to be paid as they’re offered freely to qualifying candidates. That makes them one of the more appealing options when it comes to federal financial aid.

If you’re already in college, you should also look into work-study opportunities on campus. Among the many federal government scholarships available for aspiring Missouri early childhood educators are the federal work-study program, which lets you get a part-time job to help pay for your expenses.

Working students or learners furthering their early childhood education career can also get child development scholarships in the form of student loans. It’s super important to fully understand what you’re getting into when you take out a loan. You’ll need to pay it back with interest once you’ve completed your degree. Federal student loans tend to have a lower interest rate than private ones. Depending on the specific scholarship you apply for, the dispensed loan amount caters to costs such as transportation, tuition and fees, supplies and books, and room.


Missouri has hundreds of colleges and universities that offer child development scholarship programs. However, the type of scholarships provided by different Missouri colleges and universities differ between institutions. You won’t find as many universities offering specific Missouri early childhood scholarships, but many of their more generic offerings can be used toward an early childhood-related degree. You can compare dozens of scholarship opportunities at the student’s disposal to decide which one to select.

If you’re embarking on a college or university education, then you should definitely inquire about your scholarship options at all the different institutions you’re considering. Many of them will have merit-based child development scholarship programs. The Missouri early childhood scholarships that are available to you will likely differ depending on whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate or a graduate degree. Know your options.

The selection of Missouri early childhood scholarships to compare before deciding which to choose include, but are not limited to, Dean’s scholarships, transfer scholarships, regents scholarships, and trustees transfer scholarships. Many of these types of scholarships are offered to learners, including prospective Missouri early childhood educators, automatically or after applying for the programs. Don’t leave money on the table — make sure you thoroughly investigate all your options at your specific school

Child Care Aware® of Missouri

Child Care Aware® of Missouri is a branch of a national organization that seeks to advance the child care industry in a variety of ways. Whether that’s connecting families to the right resources for their children or getting child care professionals in touch with helpful resources like child development scholarship opportunities, Child Care Aware® of Missouri aims to make sure everyone has what they need for our children to succeed.

One of the child development scholarship programs it helps administer has to do with the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. This well-known credential has been widely recognized for its ability to help willing Missouri early childhood tutors and students to advance their knowledge and career. The program empowers you professionally and personally, ensuring you can meet all the job requirements in modern markets.

By advancing your Missouri early childhood training with this program, your career options will increase. To qualify to apply for the CDA credential, you’ll first need to acquire a high school diploma, or you can be a high school junior or senior in a related Career and Technical Program. Then, you need to complete 120 hours of education in the eight different CDA subject areas as well as 480 hours of experience working with young children. Lastly, you’ll need to put together your professional portfolio.

CCAMO’s CDA Scholarship

The child development scholarship is something every child care specialist looking to advance their skills and knowledge in that field should consider. If you’re trying to earn your CDA credential through clock hours rather than college credit hours, this is the program for you. You can check out the requirements for that here

As long as you’re eligible and you go through all the necessary steps in the program, this scholarship program will pay for your application fee with the Council for Professional Recognition. Then, once you earn your CDA credential, the organization will give you $215. But that’s not all! If you stay at your original child care program for another six months, you’ll receive another $215.

Professional Associations

Several trusted professional associations have networked to push child development education further in Missouri. These professional groups include qualified teaching experts that network online or meet in person to discuss pertinent issues and support each other professionally and financially. Some associations meet and interact through networking events, conferences, live stream interviews, and online courses. In other associations, there are monthly meetings, job boards, industry blogs, and community activities.

These associations aren’t only made to discuss pertinent issues and push education a notch higher but also help you grow your resume and strengthen your profile. With these organizations, members learn more about the best job opportunities, strengthen their recommendation letters, and keep track of the latest trends in this field. Other top-leading Missouri early childhood professional associations provide scholarships.

For example, check out the American Montessori Society. It’s a leading non-profit organization with the goal to encourage using the Montessori teaching method. The association connects members looking to enhance the quality of education in early childhood schools through research and professional public policy. If you’re interested in this method of teaching and looking to attend one of the Society’s affiliated teacher education programs, then you could qualify for one of the child development scholarship opportunities they offer.

Rethink Scholarships

When you imagine a child development scholarship, you might only be thinking of help paying for university programs or other big, long education projects. However, when it comes to Missouri early childhood education, even short workshops or seminars can make a big difference. Look into your options in that department. When you belong to a professional organization, you might get free or discounted access to those sorts of learning events, as well as a whole host of other materials that can help you further your expertise in your chosen field.

This kind of financial help can be a good fit because of its specificity. Plus, you don’t have to commit to years of schooling to get a little boost in knowledge. If you’re already part of some national or Missouri early childhood professional organizations, of if you’re considering joining, definitely make yourself aware of any financial help they offer for any form of continuing education.

Business Early Childhood Scholarships

Established businesses have also started investing in advancing the quality of education provided in early childhood learning facilities. Businesses need top talent to push their growth a notch higher and increase their annual profits. Recent years have seen many businesses chipping in to provide scholarships to enable learners to further their education. Some businesses train learners and incorporate them into their operations after they are done with school life. Other businesses offer scholarships to support the education of early childhood tutors.

Athletic Scholarships

For those who are attending a college or university to earn a degree in a child care-related field, athletic scholarships might be a possibility. These kinds of future Missouri early childhood professionals that have a knack for sports can also get sponsored to further their education. Scholarships under the athletic category are numerous, and the amounts you can get to support your education are vast, as well. There are dozens of websites and online tools that allow you to search for athletic scholarships. The athletic scholarships cater to the financial needs of learners good at synchronized swimming, basketball, football, and most other sports, as well.

It’s good to understand that most athletic scholarships are made for students experienced and talented in certain sports. Besides, the scholarships are only applicable in specific colleges and universities. The scholarships can cover expenses such as food, tuition, board, and room costs.

Employer-Based Scholarships

Another common type of scholarship early childhood educators can get to pay for their learning costs is the employer-specific scholarship. These types of scholarships are made specifically for students of employees serving certain companies or organizations. The awards and the financial support awarded to the tutors depend on the employer and the needs of the employee’s children. There are many certified and credible organizations and employers all through Missouri that provide scholarships to their workers.

Check with your current employer to see if they have any programs along these lines. They might have a tuition reimbursement program or other type of child development scholarship offerings for you to take advantage of.

Find the right child development scholarships for you.

As an early childhood teacher or child care specialist in Missouri, it’s not always easy or cheap to further your education. Even if you’re not financially stable, you’ve got many child development scholarship opportunities to compare and decide between. You are in a better position to win higher and better scholarships if you’re talented in a specific area. The athletic-based or employee-based scholarships are pretty popular and reliable today. However, state-sponsored and nonprofit organizational scholarships in Missouri are also valid options. These are offered by a variety of well-known and credible state and non-profit organizations. Likewise, there are many professional associations in Missouri that offer scholarships to support the continuing education of early childhood professionals.